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Fall in love with a €129,000,000 EuroMillions SuperDraw roll-over - 12th of February 2010

It’s past that time of year, after spreading that Xmas cheer… You’ve eaten all the turkey and finished all the beer.

Now the time has come to spoil the one you love. A big romantic gesture or a pretty white dove? It’s time to set the wheels in motion, winning the EuroMillions lottery could be your magic potion…

So if you’re thinking of buying a ring for that special one you love, whether you’re in Paris or Milan, or either of the above… Buy your winning lottery ticket today, it can change your life.

Who knows, a jackpot win could hail the end of all your strife!

You’ll fall in love with €129,000,000 EuroMillions SuperDraw ROLLOVER
Best of luck when playing!

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